5 reasons why the Fujifilm Instax is the perfect companion for your next holiday

Planning a vacation? Make the most of it with the Fujifilm Instax instant camera that guarantees to make your holiday memorable, one picture at a time. Whether it’s a picturesque scene you’re surrounded with or your favourite set of people, Instax makes every moment worth capturing. And do you know why superstar Anushka Sharma too prefers shooting with Fujiflm instax?

“Instax captures the magic of the moment and seals it in a picture instantly that serve as reminders of those beautiful memories forever. The most compelling reason to use Instax in the age of digital photography is uniqueness. Once an image is taken, it is truly a one-of-a-kind photo made special with the unique feel of a physical print,” she says.


We bring you five reasons why an Instax is a must-have travel accessory:

1. Master thy selfie

mini9 FLAMINGO PINK Close up

The Instax Mini 9 and the Instax square SQ6 come with a selfie mirror and feature a selfie mode so that you don’t have to ask strangers to take your pictures. Great selfies, we’re onto you.

2. Pick your tint

Square prints+Filters

Prefer filters? You’re in the right place. The Instax square SQ6 lets you experiment with three flash colour filters and print your pictures in vibrant shades of orange, purple or green.

 3. Choose from quirky designs and colourful shades

instax mini 9 range2

The Instax square SQ6’s quirky and retro design makes it all the more appealing to carry it as an accessory. And for those fun-loving souls who love all things colourful, check out Instax Mini 9’s bright hues like cobalt blue, flamingo pink, lime green, ice blue and smokey white.

4. Control the brightness of your photo

The Instax Mini 9 comes with a brightness adjustment dial that ensures you get the best pictures, no matter the light. Meanwhile, the Instax square SQ6 lets you add a low-key or high-key effect.

mini9 LIME GREEN Lifestyle Image

5. Double exposure mode


This magical feature allows you to capture two different pictures and lets you merge it, creating one masterpiece picture that’s a juxtaposition of the two shots. Bye, Photoshop.

Shoot, print and share with Fujifilm instax.  Get yours today.

Buy: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

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