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Rebel Wilson’s plus-size fashion line

Sexy, slinky, cool, casual clothes for women frustrated by the XXL rack

By Deepa Menon  October 26th, 2015

Australian actor, comedian and the highly inappropriate roommate from Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson didn’t set out to be a style icon—she has a law degree and has always been about the ‘inside’ and not the ‘outside’, she said to People magazine—but once she realised that young people were looking up to her as body-positive role model, she started thinking about what she’s wearing. She said, “I realised that if girls can see me standing next to really skinny actresses holding my own and being really confident in how I look, then that’s a good message to send.”

In that spirit, Wilson has collaborated with the American plus-sized label, Torrid, for a new line that embodies her own personal brand of cool. It’s a look that’s very of-the-moment and high street, yet also seems really comfy. On a moodboard for the line Rebel, the words that would stand out would be hip hop, preppy and sweats. But there are plenty of sexy details, like wraparound busts, hip-hugging silhouettes and saucy little slits on skirts. 

Part of what motivated Wilson to design the line was that fact it’s hard to find cute, fun clothes above a certain size. Rebel comes in sizes 12 to 28 and the line drops on November 1, 2015 here.

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