We’ve discovered the red lipstick for every skin tone

There’s always that one friend who says “I can’t wear red lipstick; it just doesn’t look good on me.” Suggestions are made, hashtags are searched, and still she remains convinced that abstinence is the best—and really, the only—policy, because there’s no such thing as a red lipstick for every skin tone. Sunday night at Brandon Maxwell’s fashion show, MAC Cosmetics called BS on that friend, and gave us a statement red lip to prove it.

Karlie Kloss Maxwell

Instagram: @karliekloss

After lining lips with the MAC Cherry Lip Pencil, makeup master Tom Pecheux painted models with MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feels So Grand. It’s a “true” red that’s smack in the middle of the colour’s shade spectrum—and ready to elevate the natural skin tones of all Maxwell’s models, from Herieth Paul’s rich brown glow to Ruth Bell’s pale satin complexion. (The supermodel squad were scarlet starlets, too—Bella, Gigi, Karlie, Joan, and Jourdan all rocked the shade.)

Jourdan Maxwell

Instagram: @jourdandunn

Maxwell’s clothes were pretty dazzling, but the designer’s jewel-strapped playsuits and KiraKira-friendly dresses weren’t the only reason Pecheux stayed away from shiny pouts. “I prefer a matte lip because it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance,” he explained. “A glossy lipstick is so hardcore.”

Maxwell 2

Instagram: @brandonmaxwell

Instead, he used a small, precise eyebrow brush and outlined the top lip line with a creamy gold glaze—but like a Kardashian’s pregnancy annoucement, the product remains a well-guarded secret. The mysterious new formula will be out later this year… just in time to convert that other friend who swears she can’t wear glitter.

Maxwell 5

Instagram: @brandonmaxwell

Maxwell 6

Instagram: @brandonmaxwell

MAC lipstick

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feels So Grand, Rs 1,349; macys.com


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