Redefining beauty—four women on their journey to self-love

For years we’ve had this fixed notion of beauty, a false virtue of thought, that has been passed on from generation to generation recklessly. Fair skin, a blemish-free complexion, an hourglass figure and luscious, long hair are the makings of this unrealistic standard that was drummed up by society, and adhered to for far too long. The result? Women who embarked on a toxic chase for perfection, convinced they weren’t conventionally beautiful. 

That was yesterday. Luckily, things are changing and women are setting their own beauty standards today. Instead of accepting the fate that society has handed them, women from different walks of life are coming forward and challenging these preconceived notions. These women are no longer apologising for the way they look, or finding ways to conceal their flaws; instead they’re discovering love where once there was only resentment. 

We spoke to four of these women about their previously warped sense of self, a struggle to overcome it and how the journey has helped them redefine their perception of beauty.

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