5 unexpected ways to reduce stress easily

Whether you’re worrying about an upcoming appraisal at work or the zit you can feel conspiring beneath the surface of your skin, stress affects us all. Aside from wrecking havoc on your skin and hair, it also manifests itself in high blood pressure, chronic headaches and an irregular menstrual cycle. A WHO report indicated that India leads the world in the depression and anxiety stakes, a direct effect of chronic stress. 

Experts suggests that you adopt a pet, or work out. But if the thought of house-training a pup gives you more stress than you had to begin with, it’s time to look at other options. 

Stress busters: Add more green around you

plants on desk

Looking at the colour green for a continued period of time is known to reduce anxiety levels. Before you turn your walls a vivid shade of The Incredible Hulk, start small by adding green cushions or other home accessories at various spots around the house. At your workplace, add a small plant to your desk. A study done in Sweden claimed that the presence of plants around the office, or even at your desk, helps reduce fatigue and stress exponentially. 

Sniff an apple

Snow white apple gif

The smell of an apple is known to reduce headache, or so says a research done by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. So if you are having stress headache, cut an apple into half, and sniff away. Experts warn to stay away from artificial scents, so store-bought apple scented candles may not be the way to go here. 

Repeat everything you’ve accomplished throughout the day

leslie knoope gif

Positive reinforcements are not just a much-talked about management practice, it is also known to have stress relieving properties, especially when you do it for yourself. Make a list of all the things you need to get done that day, however big or small. This helps in letting you manage all your tasks efficiently, thus reducing any stress you might be feeling because of the perceived amount of work pending. After crossing off the tasks from your lists, give yourself a reward for it. 

Digital detox

barney phone gif

Deleting social media apps from your phone can do wonders for your stress levels. The detox asks you to delete the app and not your social media account because the ease that these apps provide in connecting with the world instantly and being available 24X7 is as harmful as it is convenient. Delete one app at a time and you’ll see the difference yourself.

Look at ocean waves

Fractals (repeating similar patterns in nature or art) have been known to have a calming effect on the mind. If you feel your stress levels rising, put on a video of snowflakes falling or ocean waves and watch it for about 20 minutes. People around you might think that there is something incredibly wrong, but you’ll be too relaxed to care. Trust us. 

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