Kangana Ranaut wants you to fight against patriarchal stereotypes

In every woman is a hero, and fitness brand Reebok has always recognised that. In their latest #FitToFight 2017 campaign video, brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut puts forth a strong identity of a woman who is not afraid to stand up against eve-teasing. 

The video features Justine Rae Mellocastro, a black belt in Choi Kwang Do, professional hairstylist and a competitive swimmer in real life as the protagonist, who is being leered at by three men in a dark alley. Initially, we see her keeping her head low and ignoring them. Her anger finds a better medium to express itself — her time spent boxing helps her garner mental strength to fight the menace of eve-teasing.

Her fitness mentor and motivator Kangana Ranaut also inspires Justine to fight the odds and be resilient. In the next scene, the same men approach her and pass lewd comments, but this time, Justine is prepared. She shoves her cycle at them and refuses to back down. The film ends with a powerful message of ‘Fight More, Be More Human’, which breaks the most perpetuated stereotype faced by every woman and tells the world that girls, in fact, can and do fight.


Talking about the campaign, Kangana Ranaut, Brand Ambassador, Reebok India said, “Even after 11 years of being in this industry, I am constantly battling perceptions and misconceptions, and breaking stereotypes every single day. Therefore, I identify very strongly with Reebok’s FitToFight campaign and specially this year’s theme ‘Girls Don’t Fight’. I believe that each woman has a story within herself — of hardships and hope, battles and strength, sorrows and faith — and I hope that through #FitToFight these stories get a platform for others to draw inspiration.”

Silvia Tallon, Senior Director Brand Marketing, Reebok added, “FitToFight is a platform for each woman to share her personal story with the world — from her struggles to her victories. With Girls Don’t Fight we wanted to address social issues that will resonate with each woman at some level.”

In a series of two films, Reebok aims to address two looming gender demons of eve-teasing and inequality in pay, with the focus being on reiterating how physical fitness translates into strength of the mind. The latter film will be launched later this month.

Watch the #FitToFight 2017 film here: 

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