Relationship advice: 10 resolutions that will dramatically improve your love life

Fed up of seeing #relationshipgoals on the ‘gram that only remind you of the plateau your love life is sitting on? Perhaps it’s time to break free of self-pity and really examine what about your behaviour and choices is keeping you from finding a meaningful relationship, assuming that’s what you’re seeking. According to professional matchmaker Caitlin Cooper’s relationship advice, it’s often the tiny, seemingly inconsequential habits that are our biggest obstacles. Like expecting Mr Right to drop out of the sky and fall into your lap. She wants you to remember that dating requires effort. If you’re single, she recommends you “have friends set you up, say “hi” to a few strangers every week, use dating apps that encourage better, interesting conversations or hire a matchmaker.”

For couples who struggle with keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship, one of the major causes of disappointment in modern marriages is constant comparison to some Photoshopped relationship you see on social media. “Behind closed doors, couples who seem like they have it together fight about everyday issues, struggle for intimacy, and cope with overbearing in-laws. Social media only shows an edited version of relationships.”

And finally, Cooper’s best relationship advice is to remember that like with your career or fitness regimen, effort and dedication reaps rewards. “I encourage my clients to make their love life a priority,” Cooper explains. “After all, whatever you focus on grows, and of all the investments you can make, relationships are the one that yield the highest returns.”

Relationship advice: 10 tips to improve your love life 

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