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Replace These 8 Expensive Superfoods With Local Ingredients

Save money and the planet

By Ria Bhatia  May 17th, 2021

The consumption of exotic superfoods is supposedly synonymous with good health. While this craze-turned-into-lifestyle choice of having delicious avocados with a bowl of greek yoghurt and kale smoothie for breakfast sure seems like a great start to the day but isn’t the only way to eat healthily. Our treasure-worthy food glossary covers everything you’d want if you’re a conscious eater, right at home.

Don’t believe what you read? Here’s a list of 8 easily available alternatives for expensive superfoods.


1. Pick Coriander Over Parsley 


Having almost identical looks, you may have already confused one for the other by now. Often used in salads and juices, you can replace parsley with coriander (also called cilantro) which has a stronger flavour, is rich in vitamins and promotes gut health.


2. Pick Strawberries Over Blueberries


The much-loved topping on pancakes and smoothies, Blueberries can be easily replaced with strawberries. Besides the resembling sweet and sour traits, strawberry is also richer in potassium and Vitamin C with lower calories than the former.


3. Pick Basil Seeds Over Chia Seeds


Is overnight-soaked chia pudding your go-to meal? If yes, here’s a substitute that can save you some bucks. Basil seeds (also called sabja seeds) are a common commodity and swell up just like chia seeds but within just a few minutes. Summers are a perfect time to add these to your diet as they are excellent coolants.


4. Pick Oatmeal Flour Over Almond Flour


Almond flour is the newest fad among bakers and health freaks. Extremely healthy and gluten-free, it can be replaced with oatmeal flour that is easy to make and equally nutritious. We suggest ditching the packaged oat flour and making fresh flour at home by simply processing oats.


5. Pick Peanut Oil Over Olive Oil 


From pasta to salads, you name it, and olive oil stands as a complementing agent to it all. However, peanut oil is a fairly cheaper substitute and goes well with the Indian style of cooking too. It is rich in good fat and keeps cholesterol under control.


6. Pick Amaranth Over Quinoa


Amaranth is a local option for the popular quinoa that is a rage when it comes to salads. Lesser in calories and as tasty and nutritional as quinoa, amaranth is available at half the price.


7. Pick Beet Greens Over Kale


Kale chips have been quite the cult-favourite snack of Gen-Zs and millennials. But here’s the news, we’ve found beet greens that can replace kale in your smoothies and salads in a jiffy. High in vitamins and iron and a great source of fibre, you may have just found your next go-to vegetable.


8. Pick Plain Yogurt Over Greek Yogurt


There, we said it! In all honesty, there isn’t much of a difference between the two, bearing in mind the protein levels and thicker texture of Greek yoghurt. Plain yoghurt is easier to make and offers high levels of calcium with lower calories. Extra points for savings!