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Three ways to repurpose your unused lipsticks

Waste not, want not

By Tatiana Dias  April 8th, 2019

As it turns out, a girl CAN have too many lipsticks. If you’re like us and don’t know what to do with your gorgeous collection, simply repurpose the stack of pigments so that the products don’t gather dust. Here’s how:

1. Use it as a blush

An old trick in the book, use your creme lipstick in red, peach, or pink as a blush by applying it on the apples of your cheeks. Simply swipe a small amount of pigment on the back of your hand, warm it with the tip of your ring finger and then dab it on your cheekbones, ensuring that it blends easily.

2. Use it as an eyeshadow

Work the gloss trend by using your liquid lip gloss (clear or glitter) on your eye lids. Dab two to three dots on your eyes and blend it with a brush or your ring finger. Make sure you do it instantly though, as gloss has a tendency to stay put and not budge once it dries. You can even use a creme lipstick to replace your pop coloured eyeliner or to create a vibrant smokey eye.

3. Use it as a lip tint

If your expensive tube of lipstick is hitting pan, then reuse its pigment in your clear lip balm or petroleum jelly. Simply scrape the rest of the colour into a spoon, melt it and pour it into your favourite lip balm container. Let it cool in the refrigerator and voila, you have yourself a new, tinted lip balm.