Rhea Kapoor’s new project supports small businesses hit by Covid-19 Advertisement

Rhea Kapoor’s new project supports small businesses hit by Covid-19

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By ELLE Team  July 1st, 2020

The pandemic has taken a toll on big corporations and start-ups alike. To do her bit amidst a pandemic, stylist extraordinaire Rhea Kapoor has decided to support new entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space.

Rhea took to Instagram to announce her new initiative called #TheGoodInfluencer Project. With this, she aims to help out young businesses who have lost out on brand promotion, awareness and visibility due to lockdown. Further, she expresses that there are many entrepreneurs out there who do not know how to survive in this situation. To sum it up, Rhea Kapoor wants to give these small businesses a voice and use her platform to magnify those voices.

“I will help you in whatever way I can with our network and contacts of friends and family. I will give a shout out to your brand on my Instagram,” said Rhea Kapoor in her Instagram post. Also, she mentions partaking in gifting for companies by sending out samples in cute hampers to their customers. “I’ll send out samples and gift them to 30 most influential people that I know,” she said.

Here’s how you can participate in #TheGoodInfluencer Project:

Tag your business or a small, passionate start-up that you know of in the field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle on her post. Share the story of the business and tell her how your company is impacted, how are you planning to reinvent it and highlight your struggles.


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