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Rhea Kapoor: ‘I don’t have the space to be a bitch’

Sonam Kapoor's sister on taking down online trolls

By Hasina Khatib  April 26th, 2017

She may hail from one of the most revered Bollywood families, but Rhea Kapoor cuts a casual figure in her navy cape and jeans. With Anil Kapoor for a father, and Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor for siblings, she’s settling into her niche with utmost comfort. “I feed off the power that there is behind-the-scenes. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you’ve created something,” she interjects when I ask about her decision to turn producer.

Despite their affinity to Bollywood, behind closed doors, the Kapoor family could easily be the cast of an American sitcom, minus the canned laughter. Or so she’d have me believe. Having just wrapped up a panel discussion on helping parents follow their dreams at the Ensure Dreams Survey 2017 launch, she sinks into a sofa and takes me on a tour of all that goes on behind the gilt gates of the Kapoor household.

ELLE: Despite hailing from a family of actors, you’ve struck out on your own and made your mark as a businesswoman. What was the response to that?

Rhea Kapoor: I’m able to take these risks because of my support system. I make films for young girls because that’s what I like doing. I don’t need to fill a void with my career or with money or with being famous. I have a famous father, sister and brother, but not once have I felt any less than them because I chose to be behind the scenes.

I was given so much love and confidence as a kid. You learn to love yourself and that lasts a lifetime. Of course, by support, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with you. But you just need to know that if you fall, they’ll be there to catch you.

ELLE: What’s the one family health secret that’s been passed down the generations?

RK: Eat home-cooked meals. I’ve barely eaten at restaurants with my parents 50 times across a span of 30 years.

ELLE: Two things that you’ll never discuss at the dinner table?

RK: We always keep money talk outside. And we aren’t big on discussing politics while eating either.

ELLE: What’s the family policy on dealing with online trolls?

RK: I’ve never responded to all the hate online; I know Sonam does once in a while. It’s different to state your opinion, if you’re having a constructive argument. I’m a lot like my dad that way; I come from a place of constant gratitude so I don’t have the space to be a bitch.

ELLE: Has Anil Kapoor ever gone through all the memes on his older movies?

RK: My dad only cares about his work and his family. He’s such a joyous person that even if I make fun of him, or show him a meme, he’s the first one to start laughing, “That’s a good one.”

ELLE: Apart from throwing fabulous parties, what are the 3 things that the Kapoors do really well?

RK: I really do throw good parties, that’s a fact. But we also take pride in feeding people, making people laugh and loving people.

ELLE: All of which ties back into throwing a good party.

RK: Except that I don’t love people at my parties. I’m just all, “Get ouuut!” [laughs]