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How to pick the right lip colour for your skin tone

Straight from the man who makes film stars look like dream girls

By Hasina Khatib  February 8th, 2017

No, put your trusty red lipstick down and listen up real good: ‘Tis the season of experimenting with lip colours and we’ve got the make-up champ behind Lakmé Fashion Week, Donald Simrock, to help get you there. From an aqua lip liner at Poochki to the heavy glitter lip that Ritu Kumar’s models sported, lipstick colours are running through every gamut of the rainbow. If you still need motivation, look no further than India’s breakout transgender model Anjali Lama who worked every colour in the palette for our February issue.

Not sure what works for your skin tone? Donald decodes the major lip trends of the season and how to make ‘em work for you:

Or take the plunge and try a wine lipper. Pro tip: Apply in thin layers for an effortless beestung lip.

Honey skinned

Mocha brown or wine works brilliantly against your skin tone, but so does a prominent nude lip as proved by Padma Lakshmi during our sizzling summer shoot last year.

Dusky skinned

Darker colours play off magnificently against deeper skin tones, so prise your hands off that red matte and try a merlot from the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil range.

Looking for a little more of a headturner? Make like the models at Poochki, opt for an aqua blue lip liner and leave it at that. 

Cop the sheer effect as seen at Payal Singhal by building up your lip colour in layers, advises Donald.

Pale skinned

Deep berry is your friend for daywear. To get maximum use out of your soft browns, apply the colour with your fingertips rather than a brush, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in the softer contours around the edge of your lips.