Rishi Kapoor is winning Twitter

Rishi Kapoor’s unfiltered Twitter persona is a combination of winsome self-deprecation and dad jokes. Twitter is actually made for a personality like Kapoor’s: unabashedly opinionated, good with the quips and charming with fans. Before he got on it, millennials probably knew him as Ranbir Kapoor’s dad who got all weird over that Koffee With Karan episode. But now he’s a Twitter A-lister. And here’s why:

He’s the rare Hindi filmstar who doesn’t pretend all his films were classics.


He gets philosophical about Bollywood’s disco era.


He provides useful fashion tips.


He takes pride in his sweater collection, which has its own tumblr.


He encourages normal running.


He can self-troll like a boss.


He is adorably grumpy about people leaving messages for his son through him.


He has a colourful way of thanking the fans.

– Deepa Menon


Rishi Kapoor talks about being a Twitter celebrity in this month’s issue of ELLE. Grab the August, 2015 issue on stands.

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