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5 reasons why we’re loving Rooshad Shroff’s new gallery and office space

The space is a beautiful confluence of art, design and furniture

By Nishtha Bhalla  November 12th, 2020

With established design practices across the spectrum, Rooshad Shroff is a name synonymous with architecture, interiors and bespoke furniture. The architect’s eponymous studio prides itself in juxtaposing modern design practices with traditional craft techniques, and boasts of an impressive clientele ranging from Hermès to The Reliance Group. However, he never could have predicted that he would be working out of a space he once worked on for one of his clients. You heard that right; a space Rooshad Shroff worked on in 2014 has now become his new gallery and office space.

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Set in the prestigious Horniman Circle of Mumbai, the space has been designed to promote flexibility and collaboration, keeping in mind the multi-disciplinary design studio’s signature modern aesthetic. But that’s not all we’re excited about – read on to know why we’re loving Rooshad Shroff’s new gallery and office space:

The location

Not only is the Horniman circle one of the best areas of Mumbai with its old world charm, it is also one of the most architecturally significant. The studio, located in the heart of the circle, has one of the best views in the city, with a linear gallery overlooking the garden and the iconic Asiatic Library.

Rooshad Shroff 2

The neighbours

Adjacent to everyone’s favourite high fashion brands – Hermès and Louboutin – the studio is right in the middle of a design-centric hub.

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The dual purpose

As an art gallery and an office space, the studio accomplishes flexibility, allowing for exhibitions and events, while simultaneously allowing for collaboration with different designers and artists. This ensures a beautiful confluence of art, design and furniture that we’re super excited to witness.

Rooshad Shroff 4

The design

With tall chambers opening up into galleries and arched elements of the façade being introduced into the interior, the space is a reflection of the studio’s modern aesthetic. The beautiful design extends itself into every aspect of the space, with marble and light wooden flooring complemented by pale grey and blue hues. Fun fact: the artwork from Rooshad Shroff’s personal collection also makes an appearance, paired with furniture to add a slightly residential touch – for clients who want to gauge the pieces within a similar environment.

The collaborative ethos

The space reflects one of the interests that the firm envisions – collaborative projects for a social cause, one of the most significant of which being the artist prototypes from The Gyaan Project. An initiative that was started to fund the construction of the CITTA Foundation’s Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School in Jaisalmer, the marble inlay plates created in the collaborative effort adorn the walls of the office and the gallery.

Featured photographs: Pankaj Anand