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Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s budget-friendly tip for great lips

Cute nickname from mum and her go-to lip product that's just $5

By George Driver  July 25th, 2017

The first thing you notice about supermodel, actress and new mum Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (apart from being ridiculously good looking)? Those. Lips. No wonder her mum nicknamed her after them. Speaking to InStyle, the new mother of one revealed, “My nickname is Rosebud.My mum was expecting a boy, so I didn’t have a name for a few days. When the midwife walked past my cart, she said, “She has lips like rosebuds. They’re so red!” That’s where Rosie came from.” 

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Becoming something of a trademark for the 30-year-old model since then, Rosie’s pout is the next level lip situation we’re constantly trying to recreate with a whole host of plumping balms and matte liquid lipsticks with relatively little success.

With legs up to there and the best blonde lob we’ve ever seen, we assumed the M&S make-up line designer was just blessed with genetics that muggles like us could only dream of. 

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But we were wrong.

Speaking to InStyle, Rosie revealed her go-to lip product and the secret technique behind her perfect pout. The best bit? It costs less than a fiver and all you need is a bath towel. YAS. 

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‘After a shower, I run a towel over my lips to remove dry skin. Then I apply Caudalie Lip Conditioner—it’s not too glossy or sticky,’ shared H-W, ‘I use a liner close to my lip shade to define. I tend to stick to my natural lip colour because I’m always on the go, but I might put highlighter in the Cupid’s bow to make the area pop.’

The Caudalie Lip Conditioner in question? A mere £5.50 (approx Rs 500). Now that’s our kind of supermodel beauty hack.

Caudalie lip conditioner


Best liquid lipsticks to buy right now

Liquid lip velvet in Light nude no.01, Rs 2,178, Burberry

With a mousse-like whipped texture, Burberry's Lip Velvet feels like just that. And it lasts for up to eight hours - hooray! 



Less is better matte lipstick in Silky Cashmere, Rs 578, Kiko Milano

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Liquid matte in Bombshell, Rs 1,508, Huda Beauty

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Art stick liquid lip in Azalea, Rs 1,801, Bobbi Brown

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Everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita, Rs 1,424, Kat Von D

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Opaque rouge lipstick in Icon, Rs 2,094, Hourglass

Formulated with skin conditioning Goji Berry and Vitamins A and C to help protect and condition your lips, Hourglass' liquid lipstick means chapped lips are a thing of the past. 


Matte liquid lipstick in Maliboo, Kylie Cosmetics

Selling out in minutes, Kylie Jenner's infamous liquid lipstick  was only the beginning of our obsession with a super matte Insta-friendly pout. Also, we're still totally into the drip packaging. Kylie Cosmetics




Ultra HD matte lip color in Infatuation, Rs 753, Revlon

With a 100% wax-free gel formula, this liquid lipstick glides on easy as. Oh, and the mango and vanilla scent means it smells delicious. Revlon


Artist acrylic in Coral pink, Rs 1,466, Make up forever

One for the bolder make-up lovers out there, this liquid lipstick was inspired by artists' real life paints to deliver insanely bright colours with a non-sticky texture. If you're not a fan of a lip gloss style wand, the cushion pad sets this liquid lipstick apart from the crowd. Make Up For Ever


Stay all day liquid lipstick in Beso, Rs 1,341, Stila

Here at ELLE we like a product that does what it says on the tin. Which is why Stilas' Stay All Day liquid lipstick that literally does not budge made our edit of the best. 

Reto matte liquid lip colour in Feels so grand, Rs 1,466, MAC

Digital Beauty Editor George Driver's personal fave and all time make-up obsession, MAC's liquid lipstick is a gamechanger. Let's just say the formula is so lightweight and smooth you could nail a full red lip between tube stops. 


Melted matte in Sell out, Rs 1,592, Too Faced

With possibly the most epic range of shades (check out the navy blue or the hilariously named 'Granny Panties' muted lilac), this liquid lipstick is one for the more adventurous. Buy Too Face


Stay matte liquid lip colour in Blue iris, Rs 501, Rimmel

Don't be put off by the inky blue colour, Rimmel's new super matte liquid lipsticks are available in 15 shades, however, we're kind of digging the blue lip vibe.


Lip lingerie in Lace detail, Rs 586, NYX

Instagram's fave make-up brand, NYX's liquid lipstick is legendary amongst those in the know. Also the name makes us feel sassy. 


Famous last words liquid lipstick in Rosebud, Rs 1,843, Lipstick Queen

We're already more than obsessed with Lipstick Queen's lipsticks (the colour-changing green Frog Prince lipstick was EPIC) and now we've been lured in by the seriously rich pigment and smooth texture of the liquid lipsticks.