Deepika, Alia and Priyanka are obsessed with round sunglasses

Let’s not beat around the bush: circle is the shape of the hour. Take one look at Deepika Padukone or Sara Ali Khan and you’ll know that hoop earrings are back and round frames may never really have gone away. The 70’s iconic shape takes new form every now and then, but the standard structure never really changes. Priyanka Chopra has a different pair of round sunglasses to suit every mood, while Shilpa Shetty stays loyal to those mirrored frames that sit high on her razor-sharp cheekbones. 

From Deepika to Alia, everyone in Bollywood seems to have switched their ‘kala chasmas’ to a fuller shape. Here’s where you can get in on the action.   

11 round sunglasses that we love:

[Gallery id=”933″]

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