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Royal Escape: SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace

SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace is the shiniest gem in a city of opulence

By Simran Bhalla  October 15th, 2015

Jaipur’s SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace was built in 1729 and converted into a hotel by Maharani Gayatri Devi and her family in the mid-20th century. Credit for this striking new makeover goes to interior designer Adil Ahmad, whose Charbagh aesthetic is evident in the Art Deco-inspired interiors and flamboyant wallpapers. Not only does it lend to beautiful holiday pictures, but a stay here will make you feel like the star of an European art film.

Decorated in shades of pale turquoise and berry red, and a mix of chevron prints and poppy motifs, the vast Maharani Apartment sounds kitsch in theory, but is actually quite elegant. Naturally, its amenities are fit for a princess: a dressing room, private dining area and heated plunge pool are all en suite. Oh, and there’s an on-call butler. Carry on, Jeeves.

Jaipur’s royal family hosted visiting dignitaries in the palace before they converted it into a hotel, and now guests can sleep in one of the 14 prettily wallpapered rooms that once hosted Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy (who bunked in the one dressed in peacock green with climbing-rose print), and the Mountbattens among others.

The magenta walls of this dining room — open for breakfast and lunch — were inspired by the English portrait and fashion photographer Norman Parkinson’s pictures of India from 1952. Mirrored doors refract the colour across the room as you sip your morning tea.

Photographs: SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace