Rumer Willis fills in for mom Demi in Gap's new film Advertisement

Rumer Willis fills in for mom Demi in Gap’s new film

The clothing brand attempts a major throwback

By ELLE team  March 2nd, 2017

Fashion lovers of a certain vintage will remember Gap’s iconic ads from the ’90s, featuring Steven Tyler, Demi Moore, Jerry Hall and more cool kids of the era. With their newest fashion film, the clothing brand attempted a major throwback by rounding up the good-looking progeny of their original cast. Rumer Willis, Demi’s actress daughter, admits she’s excited to add another note to her mother’s legacy.

In an interview with Elle US, she says, “I love that even though it was a Gap ad, she still did it in a bustier, because that’s just so my mom. And also, I love that Gap let her do that. They weren’t like, “this is so not us,” they were like, “this is how you would wear it and that’s what we want.” The self-confessed denim addict is a big fan of DIY, explaining, “Right now, I’m obsessed with enamel pins. All different kinds—hearts and ones with messages and ones from bands—everything… I have a small backpack that’s almost completely covered with them, which I think looks very cool. And when I’m done with that, I think they’ll be on my jeans next.”

How many second-generation Gap kids can you identify from this video?