Why is Saif Ali Khan sitting in a pool, fully clothed?

Kareena Kapoor Khan and the gang just landed via a private jet in Goa for Amrita Arora’s 40th birthday celebrations. And honestly, the whole gang looks geared for some partying. weekdays are fun when you’re famous.


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Yes, we love what they’re all wearing. Special mention to Natasha Poonawalla’s fringe ensemble. But let’s take a moment and look at Saif, shall we? No, not because he’s the only man allowed in this uber luxe jet girl’s pic, but his t-shirt. It’s just a plain black t-shirt under a leather jacket on a private plane flying to Goa.


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In case you missed it. 


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Here the full gang has changed from their airport looks. Are airport looks still a thing if you fly private? Why is no one asking these questions. Theme of the party seems to be fringe with sisters Malaika and Amrita leading the Coachella crew. Saif seems to have abandoned his leather jacket. It’s just the black T-shirt now. 


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Just look at Amrita’s birthday lewk. Honestly it’s perfect and that back. And Saif?

Is that Saif? In his favourite casual wear taking a casual dip? He looks deep. Deeper than the V-neck on his favourite black T-shirt. 


Uhm but why? Let’s explore.

Could Saif have been pushed in by his super-stylish wife because he wore his black t-shirt too often and it was starting to smell. Kareena’s ultimatum: Her or the T-shirt. That would explain his pensiveness. The man is torn. 

Perhaps Saif was flung in the pool with his phone in his pocket. That would explain the sadness in his eyes and the black T-shirt. But why is he still sitting there, find a bucket of rice.

Maybe Saif is conscious of his body and insists on swimming with a T-shirt on at all times. With this gang around, a body complex isn’t far behind. The deep thoughts are Saif considering quitting carbs. The black T-shirt because black is slimming.

Could he possibly be wondering what he was thinking tagging along with so many stylish women on a girl’s trip? Fed up of Bollywood gossip, Saif flings himself into the pool in an attempt to drown out the noise. He surfaces, to consider giving up his career and becoming an ascetic. But he’s torn as amongst his worldly possessions is his figure-flattering favourite black T-shirt.

Was the Goa sun so relentless that Saif couldn’t stand the heat a second longer and had to fling himself fully clothed into the inviting water? Black absorbs heat, Saif. Please tell us you have the same T in white. He’s deep in thought wondering what he forgot to pack.

Whatever the reason for Saif’s dip, we’re sure it was fascinating. But we’d really like to know why he’s thinking so hard. Has he been designated to pick where the party eats tonight? We hope his T-shirt dries off before then.





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