Sandbagging is the new Kardashian beauty trick everyone’s talking about!

Summer might call for margaritas by the pool, but what are we going to do about runny liners and bleeding lipstick courtesy the sun? The newest beauty buzzword – after baking and clown-contouring – promises to keep your make-up in place. And if Kim Kardashian is doing it, we’ve got to give it a shot, at least. Now you already remember baking, right? For those of you who don’t, it’s basically applying a thick layer of translucent powder on your face, letting it stay there to soak up the oil, and then brushing the excess off for a crease-less look. Sandbagging works the same way. 

Use a damp triangle sponge and start to dab translucent powder on your chin. Continue to dab a thick layer of it all the way along your lower lip, from corner to corner, so it creates a sandbag-like barrier between your lips and chin. Continue with the rest of your make-up and then brush the remaining powder off using a blush brush. 

Check out YouTuber and make-up artist Wayne Goss’ step-by-step tutorial:

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