Sandunes drops Slybounce

In case you missed it, Sanaya Ardeshir, better known as Sandunes, dropped a new video to her track ‘Slybounce’ featuring Nicholson. Here’s what she had to say about the track:

“I don’t generally produce organic music but this just kind of got made. I had a drum track from one of my mentors in the UK, Ian McKenzie, who’s a drummer and producer – and was my tutor when I was at Point Blank. I basically recorded synths over it, and what you hear is what I first recorded. I couldn’t reproduce what I had programmed or recorded the first time around – because it’s a really old second-hand synth that’s kind of wonky. It only does what it does once. So it sounds a bit raw, but that’s what I went with. Later down the line I got Sohrab [Nicholson] to sing it.”

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