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Sanjay Garg Of Raw Mango On Four Books That Inspire His Work And Life

The designer is heavily influenced by India’s textiles, art and heritage

By Gargi Agrawal  December 1st, 2020

It takes only a single image for you to comprehend the unparalleled aesthetic of Sanjay Garg. Founder and designer of the stunning label Raw Mango, Garg recently took the virtual edition of Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 by storm with his festive collection named Moomal. The Rajasthan-born designer makes use of Indian techniques like Chanderi and Benarasi in the label’s wide offering of saris, dupattas, stoles and other fabrics.

The contribution and work of Sanjay Garg in fashion has been instrumental in the industry for the revival of Indian textiles, traditional techniques and handloom. And as a matter of fact, his work exudes the heritage of India in a way that imparts a sense of belonging in an instant.

We reached out to the designer and asked him to jot down the books that have impacted his work and life. Swipe through to find out everything that’s on his roster:

Textile Arts Of India By Kokyo Hatanaka

“The book explores a wide and wonderful collection of textiles dating from the 17th century to the first half of the 20th century, including painted, block-printed, woven, tie-dyed and embroidered textiles,” shared Garg.

Sanjay Garg

Golden Sprays And Scarlet Flowers: Traditional Indian Textiles From The Museum Of Ethnography, Basel, Switzerland

“It serves as an excellent visual reference of fabrics across the regions of India,” said the designer.

Sanjay Garg

The Story Of My Experiments With The Truth: Autobiography Of MK Gandhi

"For me, it gives the closest insights into Gandhi's life, the workings of his mind and emotions,” said Garg.

Sanjay Garg

Indian Costumes In The Collection Of The Calico Museum Of Textiles By B N Goswamy

He says that the book is “an excellent and informative read on understanding the technical knowledge, patterns and silhouettes of India".