Five reasons why Carvaan Go is the perfect travel companion Advertisement

Five reasons why Carvaan Go is the perfect travel companion

It's a blast from the past

By Preshita Thakur  August 1st, 2019

Travelling and music go hand in hand. Remember those family trips where your parents used to play their beloved Kishore Kumar cassettes in the car on full blast, and you’d karaoke along? Now, when you’re fulfilling your wanderlust, the one thing that you’re bound to encounter is that nostalgia. Revisit old memories and make new ones with a device that’s set to be your favourite companion. Saregama’s Carvaan Go will have your back when you’re craving for retro melodies, when searching for a new playlist becomes a task, and when the internet is sketchy. Here’s how:

1. The tiny, lightweight compact device will fit right in your bum bag or cabin luggage, right between your sunnies and lip balm.

2. It contains 3000 pre-loaded songs, so your favourite retro song is bound to be featured. Pick from several curated playlists, tune in, and just sit back. A weak internet connection when you’re roadtripping is no bummer at all.


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3. With a rechargeable battery and seven long hours of playtime, you don’t have to bother carrying yet another charger around.

4. It is compatible with the Carvaan app, which means you can select the songs from the library and play them through the app. With a microSD card slot for your personal music or the FM/AM option, its multiplicity is a charm for the spontaneous you.

5. You can enjoy your music through earphones, aux cable, bluetooth or a small in-built speaker, which is great for nighttime bedside listening.

It’s the best of all worlds, the new and the old, right in your hands.