The latest decor trend is the statement sari chair Advertisement

The latest decor trend is the statement sari chair

Limon Designs is making sari chairs a thing

By Hasina Khatib  May 26th, 2017

In the two years since she founded Limón, designer Aradhana Anand has given us furniture that’s almost too good to sit on. Pushing the envelope still further, the former oil freight trader has now taken her love for traditional Indian weaves a step further by recycling vintage saris into statement upholstery. Say hello to the sari chair.

The Summer with the Sari Chair Collection is Aradhana’s ode to intricate ikats juxtaposed against handcrafted teak. Founded in 2015, Limón has since become the darling of all decor magazines. “I couldn’t help but notice the gap in the market when it came to upholstery made with our beautiful Indian fabrics. I experimented with one, and the result looked good. There has been no turning back ever since,” says Aradhana. The label has since grown from strength to strength, and well, our reading nook has never looked better.

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