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Say Hello To A Website That Only Sells Sustainable, Green Products

This is Asia’s largest online store for everything that’s sustainable.

By Team ELLE  June 5th, 2021

Greenwashing is a common phenomenon today, with most brands claiming that they are sustainable. But what truly makes a brand green? According to a report published by Forbes, there are three pillars that labels can begin their sustainable journey with: constantly developing sustainable products and services, creating positions like Chief Sustainability Officer and publishing sustainability reports (read more here).



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While there are a variety of things you can check, at your end, to understand if the green narrative holds true, what also works is shopping from platforms that pay close attention to the sustainability claims. The newly launched OneGreen Index website is an apt example; here’s why.

They Have Developed A Green Index

While brands often throw around the word sustainable to win brownie points or increase sales, OneGreen Index has launched a One Green Sigma Index to measure if the brand’s claims are actually substantial and has filed for a patent for OneGreen Index. The website does in-house audits, checks all certificates and ensures that a brand is really following green practices before it gets listed on their website.

Founders Abhijit Bhattacharya and Neha Gahlaut

Founders Abhijit Bhattacharya and Neha Gahlaut realised the struggling of first finding a sustainable and organic product in the market. “Our decision to make a switch to conscious living was easy but, unfortunately, executing it wasn’t. We weren’t expecting to come across two challenges almost immediately into our green journey. First, we couldn’t find sustainable and organic products easily. Once we did, we weren’t sure if the product was actually organic, pure, green, and sustainable or if they just claimed it. There were no specific quality checks at the store-end to ensure if products are as authentic or organic as they claim to assure the conscious consumer,” state the duo.

“That’s why OneGreen came to life. We wanted to make a platform where we could bring genuine green products under one roof. Our patented OneGreen Index Model is the most extensive quality and credibility measurement three-step model in the Indian E-Commerce market today. ”

Focus On Smaller, Ethical Brands

The website offers a wide range of 5000 products over 40 categories, but a larger focus is on smaller, ethical brands, with the aim to provide them with the same exposure as some of the bigger brands. Well, we are always on board for shopping local!


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