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Your 4 step plan to toned arms

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By Amrita Parekh  June 17th, 2015

Kajal Tejsinghani, executive director of Surfset Fitness India, tells you just how to get a surfer’s sinews without crashing into waves. Pair this workout with nutritionist and founder of The Protein Bake Shop, Rashi Chowdhary’s muscle-building diet for a wetsuit-friendly frame in no time.

Work it out: Inspired by the water sport, Surfset uses surfboards to create an unstable base to tone up your body. Start with the Wave Runners series: “It puts you in plank position, strengthening your shoulders as you try to balance the board.”
Eat right: Blend fruits like pomegranate with yoghurt for a healthy dessert fix.  “Pomegranates reduce the absorption of fat and have multiple cardiovascular benefits,” says Chowdhary.

Work it out: Sign up for the Surfboard Push Up series, which targets the chest, back, biceps and triceps.
Eat right: Help along the fat-burning process by including red pepper and ginger in your meals. Chowdhary recommends this in order to boost your body’s metabolic activity. 

Work it out: Balance the arm workout with the Sup & Surf Stance Squat series to shape up your legs and bottom.
Eat right: A lean steak would be a good idea because it contains muscle-building nutrients like carnitine and glutamine. Vegans can consult a doctor to prescribe supplements, like L-carnitine and L-glutamine.

Work it out: Master a few real surfing moves with the Classic Surfer Paddle Pop series, which uses paddling actions to make your arms work extra hard.
Eat right: Don’t trash the egg yolk, says Chowdhary. “They are efficient muscle builders and contain vitamin A, D, E and K, as well as Omega 3.”

Photograph: Tarun Vishwa

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