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Say yes to perfumes wrapped in books

Anthropologie introduces the most romantic (and gorgeous!) perfumes

By ELLE team  August 12th, 2015

When it comes to fragrances, what’s inside the bottle is usually as important as what’s on the outside – which is why we were thrilled to find Fictions, a series of fragrances by Anthropologie wrapped in books. 

They have uniquely romantic names too, which sound a lot like chapters from a sappy novel (but we’ll take ‘em!). L.A. She Called But He Was Unreachable is refreshingly citrusy, with a burst of orange blossoms (middle notes), and base notes of ambergris and musk.

Then there’s Paris: She Met Him In Secret. The nose, Alexandra Monet, wanted to recreate a French kiss “a bit forbidden, always romantic”, and she does this with top notes of violet leaf, iris accords and a lingering whiff of leather.

London: She Knew He Was For-Ever, is where the illustrator Jon Contino reimagines the covers of books by William Faulkner and Stephen King. It has notes of honeysuckle and magnolia and a woody, honey-sweet base note. 

Weak in the knees yet? Us too.

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