It’s time to rejuvenate your hair and mind

Aromatherapy puts your body, mind and soul in a deep state of relaxation. With its use of ‘good-for-you’ herbal and plant-based remedies, it has been around for centuries. Aromatherapy uses essential oils that are derived from various trees, plants and flowers to cure everything from insomnia and stress to your burning beauty woes. Essential oils are capable of giving you glowing skin, softer hair and even calm your mind while you’re at it. Aromatherapy is the ultimate ceremony for physical and physiological wellness. If you’re dealing with troublesome hair on the daily, count on oils like argan and marula that nourish hair, or rose to improve thickness.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s new Oil Ultime range is inspired by aromatherapy to lift your mood while transforming your hair. The exclusive in-salon hair therapy, the Oil Ultime Harmony Ceremony is the perfect indulgence for your hair to give it that perfect nourishment with divine shine, leaving your senses delighted. The new-age formulations are lightweight, absorbent and self-evaporative – meaning the essential oils fill all the porous areas in hair structure and the excess is washed out without weighing hair down. Oil Ultime is the perfect solution to escape your hectic daily routines and find inner balance through a sensual, pampering hair therapy. There’s one for every hair type:

If you’re in a rush for that interview or have an invite to a last minute party, the Inaugural Ceremony will come to your rescue. This instant ceremony will get you ready in 30 minutes – all you need to make your hair look better and your mind feel better.

The Featherlight Ceremony is a 45 minute therapy that uses marula oil that is perfect for fine to medium hair. It also nourishes the scalp, protects the hair and helps lock-in moisture.

June Oil Ultime Schwarzkopf

We all know the disciplining benefits argan oil has for your hair. The Velvet Ceremony uses a blend of argan oil that is extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to treat frizz and coarse hair.


Barbary Fig oil is a great conditioner to detangle and moisturise your hair. Reap its benefits with the Enriching Ceremony that improves hair porosity and quality.

argan oil

Dry scalp has you feeling down? The 60-minute Scalp Relaxing Ceremony is infused with the goodness of rose oil that nourish a dry scalp with its moisturising and calming properties.

Oil rose
All of the ceremonies begin with an Essential Oil massage where your Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser will recommend an aromatherapy oil between a soothing blend of lavender and jasmine oil (Oil Ultime Essential Oil Relaxing), or an energising blend of Ylang Ylang and mandarin (Oil Ultime Essential Oil Energizing). Then, follow it with an at-home routine:

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That’s not all!

Schwarzkopf Professional prolongs this indulgent aromatherapy experience to user’s homes with its ingenious Light Oil-in-Mousse, shampoo, spray conditioner and treatment.

The finishing oils use a delicious blend of purified oils with varied benefits for your hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Argan and Barbary Fig
Created especially for coarse hair, the Argan and Barbary Fig range works hard to hydrate hair, reduce frizz and create shine. Start by rinsing with the shampoo to boost shine, follow with the conditioner to detangle hair and end with the cream treatment that nourishes and tames hair without taming it down.

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Oil
This one is just right for fine to medium hair that needs nourishment. Rinse with the clear shampoo that improves shine, follow with conditioner to nourish hair and make it glossy and end with the lightweight mousse that repairs hair and boosts natural shine.

Top this up with Oil Ultime Finishing Oils that make sure your hair remains soft, manageable and shiny till your next wash. Fine to medium hair type can try the Marula finishing oil, stressed and medium hair types can count on Rose while Argan is best for those with thicker hair. To treat dryness and damaged hair, put your bet on the Barbary Fig Finishing Oil. Bad hair days will be no more.

Experience this ‘hairomatherapy’ at leading salons.

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