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How to sculpt your butt in under a month

With the help of a bodyweight training regime that you can do while brushing your teeth

By Amrita Parekh  June 17th, 2015

Ditch dumbells and shape up your posterior with a bodyweight training regime that you can actually do while brushing your teeth. Boost your immunity with an alkaline diet to manage your body’s acidity levels.

Work it out: Start with three sets of jump squats: stand straight with your hands on the back of your head, jump, land flat on your feet and dip into a low squat. Repeat 15 times.
Eat right: Alkaline dieticians recommend sea salt. Unlike table salt, it doesn’t cause dehydration that later leads to cellulite. 

Work it out: Do three sets of the pistol lunge: position yourself like a runner at the start line. Keep your hands flat on the floor, on either side of the folded knee. Now straighten the knee up and fold back back down. Repeat 20 times with each leg.
Eat right: Swap red meat and dairy for whole grains and fresh fruits to de-stress your adrenal glands.

Work it out: Do three sets of the plié. This classic ballet move tones your inner thighs. Stand with your feet pointing out and your heels atleast 20 inches apart, dip as low as you can, hold for three seconds and stand back up. Easy, isn’t it? Repeat 30 times.
Eat right: Since alcohol will spike your acidity levels, limit yourself to no more than two glasses of wine a week.

Work it out: Do two sets of the single-leg dip: extend one leg out in front at a 30-degree angle, slightly bend the other at the knee and lower yourself. Try bringing your balance to the core of your body. Repeat each set 15 times before you alternate with the other leg.
Eat right: Load up on alkaline foods like spinach, cucumber, broccoli, avocado and red bell peppers.

Photograph: Tarun Khiwal

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