The ultimate self-care guide for 2018, according to your zodiac sign

It’s time to bring out that dusty little notebook on the pages of which you furiously scribbled your New Year resolutions in the wee hours of January 1. How many points did you live up to? Oh well, never mind. The year is almost over, and with great endings come new beginnings. Leave behind the negativity and stress that weighed you down in 2017. Probe yourself about the real changes your life demands, and avoid seeking temporary solutions for problems you may have been avoiding. In the midst of all this, realise that the most important person you need to focus on is yourself. Which is why it is even more crucial to ensure that you’re giving your mind, body and soul the rest and care it needs. Not sure about how to begin? Allow our self-care guide for 2018 to help you out, divided according to your zodiac sign.

Your complete self-care guide for 2018:

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