The ultimate self-care guide for 2018, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

The ultimate self-care guide for 2018, according to your zodiac sign

Let the stars show you the way

By Shweta Gandhi  December 28th, 2017

It’s time to bring out that dusty little notebook on the pages of which you furiously scribbled your New Year resolutions in the wee hours of January 1. How many points did you live up to? Oh well, never mind. The year is almost over, and with great endings come new beginnings. Leave behind the negativity and stress that weighed you down in 2017. Probe yourself about the real changes your life demands, and avoid seeking temporary solutions for problems you may have been avoiding. In the midst of all this, realise that the most important person you need to focus on is yourself. Which is why it is even more crucial to ensure that you’re giving your mind, body and soul the rest and care it needs. Not sure about how to begin? Allow our self-care guide for 2018 to help you out, divided according to your zodiac sign.

Your complete self-care guide for 2018:

Gemini, you can make 2018 the year you enhance your communication skills. Learn a new language, or refine the one/s you know already. This will give you some time for yourself, and will also give you the creative freedom that you've been craving for. 


Aquarius, you've been very selfless all of 2017. Giving is good, but you give open-heartedly, and this could eventually lead to people taking advantage of you. This year, become more conscious and learn to differentiate between people who actually need your help versus people who are simply being greedy. Spend time in nature and connect with yourself to bring about that clarity.

Leo, you have probably already planned every week of 2018, but have you included some luxurious holiday retreats? Key them in, as well as some shopping sessions, which will help you in blowing off some steam. Another way you need to take care of yourself in 2018 is by letting other people have their own way. You can't control people or situations all the time.

Sweet Cancerian, let 2018 be a year you let go of all the emotional baggage you have collected since the beginning of time. Yes, you know what we're talking about, no need to hide. It's time to become a little selfish, and realise that you don't need to feel guilty about it. Spend more time in the water, and read as much as you can. You'll feel happier.

Libra is all about balance, whether it's at the home front or the work front. So this new year, become conscious about all the important areas of your life and strike a balance between all of them. How? Practicing yoga will help, for starters. You can even try using colouring books for adults or experiment by sketching on a clean white sheet of paper to calm your mind.

Aries are aggressive in their pursuits and are avid go-getters, just like their animal namesake, the ram. You may not even realise that you're adding stress to yourself by being so busy — whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally — and this is one key point you need to address in 2018. Make sure to take frequent breaks — take a trip, book a massage, practice meditation. When your path is full of obstacles, remember to take a step back and view the problem from a larger perspective.

You, dear Taurean, are relentless in your pursuits and stubborn in your own ways. This is why it is very important for you to detach yourself from your surroundings and delve deep within to re-affirm what your subconscious beliefs are. You may realise that you've been kidding yourself about some facts, or you've been working way too hard for something that doesn't require that amount of work. How to detach? Find a new hobby or sign up for a new class. 

Pisces, did you spend all your days of 2017 daydreaming? Now, how about you make those dreams into reality? Get that tattoo you've always wanted; write that poem that's hiding at the back of your mind; take a solo trip to a country you've always wanted to visit. Once you complete your to-do list, this will boost your self-confidence and give you a good push to achieve all your goals in 2018.

Virgo, you probably spent 2017 following the same ol' routine. How about experimenting a little and doing something out-of-the-box? Consider taking some dance classes, swimming or cooking lessons. This will rejuvenate you and give you a fresh perspective.

Scorpions, 2018 is time you let go of old grudges and forgive your enemies. Why? Because this new year should be all about you, not about the people you dislike. Focus your energies — not on plotting revenge, but on how you can improve your skills, and watch how it beautifully pays off.

Capricorn, 2017 has been a good run for you. But don't make 2018 the exact same year — you need to branch out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. What scares you? What do you say you're indifferent about but deep inside you care the most about? It's time to drop the serious façade and lighten up. Life was meant to be fun, remember?

Sagittarius, you need to relax that overactive mind of yours. Have you been spending way too much time on social media? Perhaps it's time to take a break — relinquish your phone for a couple of hours every day or go on a digital detox. It may sound difficult, but once you do it, you will realise how much time and energy you are conserving.