Sensible Simmi LFW Report – Day 3

Simmi Khanna, 28, is the most sensible girl in all of Safdarjung. “Was,” shouts her mother Mrs Satmeet Khanna, “she was the most sensible girl, until she started going to fashion week and getting funny ideas. Sports shoes with everything? It’s the heights!” Little does Mrs Khanna know that Simmi has already landed in Bombay and is bringing her (non) sense to Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’16 this time around. Here she is now…

sensible simmiLFW3


Nikhil Thampi

Nikhil Thampi 23

Some days you just want to take off your sleeves, tie them around your waist and go for a walk. And dangerous wearable spikes let you do that without worrying about crowds or creeps. Yes, initially, even I felt antler braids are too much, but if you go to see, somewhere aren’t we all horny?


Verandha 08

I know I was the fifth person at LFW wearing that Aiman shirt today, but there was no need to point from the runway. Everyone makes mistakes. We have to learn tolerance for what we cannot understand.

Little Shilpa

Little Shilpa 21

The last place I expected to run into family was LFW, but it turns out my third cousin Manraaj aka Mandy is a media usher. I could have put this picture in our family WhatsApp group but as usual, someone had to put their beak in the middle and spoil everything. 

Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar 05

“The Lotus Sutra will show you the way, Simmi,” said my Buddhism leaders at the Safdarjung chapter, when I told them I’m chanting for a boyfriend. Is this my first victory?! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO SATNAM WAHEGURUJI! (Making him give up draping will be my next victory.)

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