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Sensible Simmi LFW Report – Day 4 & 5

"We have to talk about periods. There is no shame in it."

Simmi Khanna, 28, is the most sensible girl in all of Safdarjung. “Was,” shouts her mother Mrs Satmeet Khanna, “she was the most sensible girl, until she started going to fashion week and getting funny ideas. Sports shoes with everything? It’s the heights!” Little does Mrs Khanna know that Simmi has already landed in Bombay and is bringing her (non) sense to Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’16 this time around. Here she is now…

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Aartivijay Gupta

Aartivijay Gupta 23

I miss home and especially Nitin, my ginger kitty.

Tanieya Khanuja

Tanieya Khanuja 19

When we were small we made gowns with toilet paper but no one told us we could make it our career. 


Masaba 25

We have to talk about periods. There is no shame in it. 

I want to take a moment to say thank you to one and all for extending your gracious hospitality to me in Bombay. You all took me for drinks even though I told you I don’t drink, many of you asked me to wear your clothes to LFW even though you weren’t designers, and most of all, you never made me feel out of place even though you refused to shoot my street style. I will never forget your kindness. Please say my hi and bye to all. Simmi out!