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Sensible Simmi’s AIFW F/W ’16 report: Day 2

On Day 2, Simmi gets a bit political

sensible simmi

Simmi Khanna, 28, is the most sensible girl in all of Safdarjung. She just cannot help it. Good sense is to Simmi what his handlebar is to Sunil Sethi – the two are inseparable. Now her friends have told Simmi that FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week is no place for someone such as herself, but this logical ladki is determined to sit (many rows behind) front row and love all the F/W ’16 shows. See her top picks from day 2:


1120 Dhruv Kapoor

Our company offsite is at Corbett National Park next month and I think I’m going to wear this. The fur will establish my place on top of the food chain and those sleeves are useful for stealing jalebis from the buffet.


1328 Samant Chauhan

How much do you think models get paid per show? Not enough, I feel. 


1403 Malini Ramani

If there’s one thing Radhe Ma has taught us, it’s that holy-persons should not deviate from the dress code. This is a much better look for the spiritual. It’s humble, modest and very comfortable when you want to dance on stage.


1757 Rajesh Pratap Singh

We live in politically charged times. Censorship is muzzling free speech. We have a duty to stand up and be counted. To rise against atrocities. To speak truth to the power. To point out, without fear of judgement, that this lady is wearing a tablecloth.