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Sensible Simmi’s AIFW F/W ’16 report: Day 4

'As I keep reminding everyone I meet at Fashion Week, looking good is not everything.'

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Simmi Khanna, 28, is the most sensible girl in all of Safdarjung. She just cannot help it. Good sense is to Simmi what his handlebar is to Sunil Sethi – the two are inseparable. Now her friends have told Simmi that FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week is no place for someone such as herself, but this logical ladki is determined to sit (many rows behind) front row and love all the F/W ’16 shows. See her top picks from day 4:




That moment just before a fight when you realise you forgot your nunchucks in the rickshaw.



3358 Anavila

This designer is my new best friend. There is nothing about this get-up that I don’t 100% approve of. Four pigtails are twice as sensible as two. A sweater keeps your chest warm and neutralises any unintended sexiness. Wearing the sari at flood-level makes it easy to run after DTC buses. And pants and sneakers are just plain good sense, no matter what your lifestyle. As I keep reminding everyone I meet at Fashion Week, looking good is not everything. 


Ashima Leena

3522 Ashima Leena

But Fashion Week has taught me something too: everyday objects can be made very pretty, if you make a little effort. The next time you wear a mosquito net, why not liven it up with some Mughal embroidery. 


péro by Aneeth Arora

3855 Aneeth Arora

Thanks to hours of practice playing Statue as a kid, I was able to keep a straight face through this episode. Where can I collect my trophy?


Illustration: Arushi Kathuria. Photographs: Gulshan Sachdeva