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Seven ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly

Baby steps toward a greener future

By Tatiana Dias  April 29th, 2019

Reuse, reduce, recycle—but how much are we really doing? Despite growing concern about sustainability and the environment, smoggy, garbage-filled cities are proof that we haven’t really moved the needle on making our future greener by that much. Part of the problem is that living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle involves making different choices. The good news? This is isn’t as hard as you’d imagine, as long as you start small. Simply tweaking your daily beauty routine, for instance, can help reduce your carbon footprint in a big way without trying too hard. Here’s how: 

4. Dispose of the disposable

Get rid of your disposable razor and opt for something more permanent (no, we don't mean laser hair removal). Simply purchase a long-lasting razor, in which you will only have to replace the blade heads every once in a while. It's both cost-effective and far better for the environment!

Gillette Venus Breeze 3 Blades Lather For 1 Step Silky Skin, INR 249

3. Bye, bye beads

Scrubs that consist of microbeads might make your skin feel good, but are an environmental hazard—according to an international campaign 'Beat The Microbeads', it was found that these particles were damaging water supplies, marine life and the overall equilibrium of the planet. Therefore, as of 2018, these products have been banned overseas, however, some of them are still sold in the Indian market. If you want a slightly abrasive scrub, then switch your exfoliant for a natural eco-friendly alternative such as coffee, oats, or even salt.

The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub -Active Charcoal, INR 599

2. Say 'no' to wipes

Removing your make-up is a necessity but removing it with cotton pads or wipes isn't. Think about it, every time you remove your make-up, you use about 2 to 3 wipes or cotton pads that simply land up in the trash. Instead, invest in cloth make-up removers that are washable and will last you for a minimum of two to three months.  

Glov Make-Up Remover, INR 1,350

7. Clean up your act

Did you know that using a shower gel consumes way more water and packaging than using a bar of soap? Switch out your body wash with some soap and see how much water you save per shower.

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6. Less is best

Go minimal with your beauty routine and stick to the basics. Try to multi-purpose products such as lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, etc., so that you can use them in more than just one way.

1. Greasy hair, don't care!

Haircare brand AVEDA is educating consumers about water wastage and encouraging them to save water in various ways, including skipping that extra hair wash. Shampooing and conditioning on a daily basis uses up a whole lot of water. Instead, go the dry shampoo way or opt for hairstyles that are perfect for second-day greasy hair!

Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer, INR 1,400

5. Reduce waste that comes from packaging 

There are two ways to do this! The first would be to ensure that some of the beauty products you use are refillable, and will not require you to purchase a fully packaged product again. This applies to eye shadow palettes, where a lot of brands sell their colours in the form of refillable pan, rather than the whole plastic packaged product.

Secondly, if you are loyal to a certain product such as a shampoo, buy the "family pack" size instead of a smallest bottle. This will last longer and will also reduce the amount of plastic empties which you throw away. 

Remember, it’s the little things that matter—a small change ripples to create a big effect.