Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are officially our favourite on-screen couple

If there’s one thing other than Billy Porter’s fashion statement that made headlines at the 91st Academy Awards, it has got to be Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s chemistry. The A Star Is Born co-stars have been spreading the musical cheer at every award ceremony. However, the stage at the 91st Academy Awards was witness to their on-screen chemistry, well, off-screen. Gaga and Cooper’s live rendition of Shallow pulled on everyone’s heart-strings. Towards the end of the performance, Cooper sat next to Gaga on the piano bench—eyes closed, heads touching as they sang the last line of the song together. What happened next had everyone reaching for tissues! When the moment was over, they opened their eyes to a standing ovation from the audience. Definitive proof that the they shared incredibly chemistry.

From being great friends to amazing co-stars, here are seven moments between the two that make us want to ship them.

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