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Why you need to start investing more into your sex life

An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away

By ELLE team  November 3rd, 2017

Aside from the fact that it’s a good time, sex may be one of those activities that is holistic in its benefits for your body and mind. We’re not just talking about going through the motions and calling it a day, but actually fully enjoying and being satisfied in your sexual encounters. Whether with a partner or partners, sex needs to be gratifying and make you feel good about yourself for you to get the most benefits out of it. And we’re not just talking about the big O here.

When you’re not stressing about defining the relationship with your partner, or how you look with your clothes off and just enjoying the experience, sex can be as beneficial as a workout or therapy session. Like any practice that benefits you, sex requires time and effort. Fully immerse yourself in the experience to reap its benefits. So go ahead, put in that effort into your sex life because trust us, intercourse karma will have you feeling glad you did. 

7 reasons sex is good for your body and mind:

You get smarter

This isn’t an 'experience makes you wiser' situation. No, having more sex literally and scientifically makes you smarter. Researchers in Maryland and South Korea found that sexual activity can lead to the production of new neurons. Sure the research was conducted on rodents, but the findings can be extrapolate to all mammals. As a result, it was found that sexual interactions counteract the memory-robbing effects of chronic stress and so improves cognitive and hippocampal functions.


Your immune system gets a boost

Throw away those multi-vitamins (but maybe swap them for contraception?) because increased sexual activity boosts the body's immune system. In women, the changes in immunity seem to lean towards making it easier to get pregnant. The female body starts learning to defend itself against foreign invaders but shifts this awareness when it comes to foreign bodies such as sperm or a foetus. This shift in immunity was not observed in abstinent women. 

Your skin glows and it’s a natural lip plumper

Forget that Instagram filter, throw away that highlighter. Sure you’re eating right but that post-sex glow is really what takes your skin care routine to the next level. Having regular sex increases your heart rate and blood circulation, pumping oxygen to your skin making it brighter. It also helps eliminate toxins and can sometimes give you plumper lips. 

It’ll make you feel and look young

Sure you may not be at it like a teenager anymore but having sex regularly will make you feel like one. It can also make you look seven years younger according to science. Intercourse causes the release of growth hormones, which helps skin elasticity. Sexual satisfaction is important in this case, one should be in a healthy place and not anxious about sex to fully reap the benefits.


Finally, you can catch up on some shuteye.

Ditch the chamomile tea and sleeping pills; getting laid could help you get better sleep. Aside from the fact that all that physical ativity in close proximity to your bed will tire you out before bed time, when you orgasm, your body releases a cocktail of hormones that promote good sleep. Serotonin and norepinephrine, which are released during a climax, help the body through REM and deep non-REM sleep cycles.


Sex can enhance your boobs

Push up bra uncomfortable? Substitute with sex. According to Dr Michael Roizen, breasts can swell up to 25% in size during sex. That's not all, massaging your breasts is said to increase blood flow to the area and boost your cup size.


Give your fidget spinner a break and start fidgeting with your partner. A good dose of sex may be the best stress busting medicine out there. During an orgasm, large doses of oxytocin are released which can keep cortisol, your stress hormone, in check. Increased cortisol also is a major cause for weight gain. So having that orgasm seems to be a two-for one offer. Win, win