21 sexy fragrances for your next date night

Nothing boosts your confidence like a good fragrance. And while there are many to choose from, only a handful of them can set the mood and leave behind a lingering, unforgettable scent. Whether you’re heading for a first date or a third, or you simply have a feeling you’ll run into a person of interest, these are the juices that will never fail to charm. They’re sensual yet sophisticated — enough to turn on bae (or potential bae) and not everyone within a five-mile radius.

Pick from new favourites like Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, an oriental scent housed in a seductive stiletto-shaped bottle, or go for classics like Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, that adds oomph to your basic floral fragrance. Now, trust us when we say, these demand to be paired with something cropped, red and insanely sexy.

21 sexiest fragrances of all time
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