8 sexy couture looks for the bold Indian bride

Indian designers have long been proclaiming the arrival of the bold Indian bride, and judging by the looks that hit the ramp at the recently-concluded India Couture Week, this bride will be spoiled for choice. As health fads and a fitness-focused lifestyle continue to draw headlines — and the average marriageable age rises with more women choosing to settle down only after they’ve achieved financial independence — this newfound confidence is mirrored in traditional bridal wardrobe.

Manish Malhotra took the ‘innerwear as outerwear’ trend to dazzling new heights. The designer allowed corset bustiers with exposed boning to be passed off as choli blouses, the charade helped along by a generous smattering of Swarovski crystals, 3D flowers and feathers. At Gaurav Gupta, second-skin gowns demanded their future wearers sign up for a year-long gym membership before even considering slipping into the sequinned masterpieces.

If you’re looking for a bridal ensemble that proves you’re no wilting willow, bookmark these 8 couture looks.

8 couture looks for the sexy Indian bride

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