Jacqueline’s make-up artist Shaan Muttathil shares his best tips

Jacqueline Fernandez’s favourite make-up artist Shaan Muttathil has launched his own YouTube channel and is a regular on our Instagram feed with his cutesy antics with celebrities. Follow him for behind-the-scenes action, beauty tutorials and red carpet cheats for flawless make-up. Like these, for starters:

His no-precision eye make-up tip

“Draw a rough line close to the lashes with a kohl pencil and smudge it for quick smoky eyes.”

The most important make-up tool

“An eyelash curler — heat it with a blow dryer and curl. Because however great your mascara, it’ll do nothing without a good curl.”

The antidote to flaky lips

“An actress I worked with vouched for a honey and sugar lip scrub. I apply a thick layer of cream on the lips and wipe it off after a minute.”

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