Shackets Are Back This Season And Here’s How To Style The Trendy Piece

One of the reasons I like winter is because of the cosy outfits you get to don during the season. You can opt for a sweater with jeans or a maxi skirt, layer up with long coats and jackets or just bundle up in warm sweatpants and wrap a comfy blanket around yourself while sipping some hot cocoa. But out of them all, layering is a style that appeals to me the most and there’s a style that has made its way back this season: Shackets!

As the name suggests, shackets are basically shirt jackets, which look like shirts but are worn like jackets. It is heavier than a shirt but lighter than a traditional winter coat and comes in wool blends and leather styles, making it the ideal choice for light layering during the fall and winter season, and must I say, perfect for Mumbai winters. 

Whether you want to layer it and wear it as an open jacket or button it up, there’s a lot you can do with this chic, versatile piece. Wondering how to style it? Here’s a guide that will help you out.

Photographs: Instagram

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