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Shah Rukh Khan dispenses life advice…in puns!

The actor hit 15 million followers on Facebook and decided to share life lessons

By ELLE team  September 25th, 2015

Confession: We’re all suckers for puns. Lame or otherwise. That’s partly why Shah Rukh Khan’s latest video appealed to us. Now that he has 15 million followers on Facebook, he decided to give back, by dispensing essential life advice in Facebook-ish puns. And it’s only the first part (of three, we hope!). You’ve got to watch the video below. It’s kind of adorkable. 

SRK 15 Million Facebook Style (Part 1)

So here goes the first part of my Facebook Style gyaan/ musings/ whatever you choose to call it… Thank you, 15 million!

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday, September 23, 2015