You can stay in Shah Rukh Khan’s gorgeous vacation home for Rs 2.5 lakh a night

Much like wine, Shah Rukh Khan just keeps getting finer with age (regardless of what anyone walking out of the sap-fest Jab Harry Met Sejal might say). And as he grows older, his taste get more refined; a villa in Burj Khalifa here, a Bugatti Veyron there — For the uninitiated, we’re talking about the world’s fastest car worth Rs 12 crore, no biggie. Likewise, his recent sojourn in Los Angeles had him checking into a sprawling villa handpicked from Airbnb. When it comes to his hard-earned time-outs, he obviously isn’t going to rub shoulders with the common populace.

The Beverly Hills Luxury Chateau in question lives up to its lofty title: six opulent bedrooms, sprawling jacuzzis, private cabanas overlooking a massive pool — all luxuriously anointed at a five-minute walk from Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

The luxe villa comes with a price tag of Rs 2,55,000 per night but you’ll be living off the bragging rights for the rest of your life, so does it even matter in the bigger picture?

Inside Shah Rukh Khan’s plush Beverly Hills haunt

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