Shahid Datawala introduces a new line of jewellery, Crown Of Thorns

Mumbai-based photographer and designer has returned to jewellery design after what seems like a long break. His previous work includes a line of statement necklaces inspired by Mumbai’s sewage system (The Great Bombay Sewage System, 2010) and another equally unique line that transformed everyday cutlery into jewellery (Table Wear, 2011).  

“It’s been a while since I launched a new collection. The old has kept me busy; each piece is made by me and it takes several hours to make one, so as and when I get time between my photography and design commitments I do so,” says Datawala. He introduced his latest line, Crown Of Thorns – with some pieces from his older collection – late last year at a trunk show for a boutique called Alizeh, Miami. It features hand-crafted bangles and necklaces in brass, copper and zinc. (“Each bangle is one of a kind so the style varies,” he adds.) Already, he’s made around 175 pieces in 70 odd days. We suggest you get in line.   

Prices vary between Rs 3,000 for neckpieces and Rs 6,000 for a set of four bangles. Email or Tel: +91 98678 55867


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