Shahid and Mira Kapoor twinned again and it’s clear they do it on purpose

Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira may not have dated for a long time before getting married, but the couple is clearly in sync with each other, if their fashion choices are anything to go by. The pair land up accidentally twinning on most occasions, and their recent shoot for a TV show was no exception. 

Shahid’s black-and-white printed jacket was the perfect complement to Mira’s graphic printed culottes. And she even managed to work polka-dotted stiletto sandals into her ensemble to prove just how far this couple will go to win at twinning. 

Shahid Mira twinning   

Matching in monotone? It’s almost too cute to bear.

According to relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein, you’ll often spot couples starting to dress alike six months into a relationship. “You conform to the environment that you’re in — so it’s only natural that when you’re with someone, even automatically without knowing — you will start to change your style so that you blend in with them,” he told Huffington Post. “You’re attracted to your partner for a reason and by being in a relationship with them you’re indirectly saying ‘I like the way you do things'”

Celebrity couples who love to dress alike 

Though Shahid and Mira Kapoor have their twinning game down pat, they’re not the only couple in Bollywood that find themselves wearing nearly identical ensembles…

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