The one fashion invention Shantanu & Nikhil wish they had created themselves Advertisement

The one fashion invention Shantanu & Nikhil wish they had created themselves

Plus, what's on the playlist in their studio

By ELLE team  November 10th, 2017

Launching their eponymous label in 1999, Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra have carved a niche for themselves in the Indian fashion scene with their unique craftsmanship, earning them fans in stars like Shilpa Shetty, Dia Mirza and more. The label is known for its unique androgynous approach towards clothing in both haute couture and ready to wear. The designer brother let us in on what inspires them. 

The fashion documentary everyone should watch and why? 

Shantanu Mehra: “Notebook on Cities and Clothes by Wim Wenders on Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion journey is quite an interesting watch as it is a well-directed divulgence into Yohji’s design philosophies in a very raw & authentic form.”

notebook on cities and clothes2

Nikhil Mehra: Advanced Style. It depicts the true eclectic personal style and challenges conventional ideas about ageing, beauty and street couture.

advance style

The upcoming designer whose work excites you and why?

SM: Dhruv Kapoor. His experimental ensembles and the way he reinterprets prêt in a couture format is something that I find really interesting. 

dhruv kapoor

NM: Ujjwal Dubey! His work is commendable, and I really admire how he has carved out his identity from the house of Shantanu & Nikhil. 


The Instagram account you’re loving right now and why?

SM: Being an avid tennis player, I like to keep myself abreast with current trends both from clothing and technical perspective; Rafael Nadal’s feed is what I am currently loving as he is on a comeback trail and his humility is beautifully reflected through his Instagram account.

rafael nadal

Instagram: @rafaelnadal

NM: Streets of India because it captures the true spirit of India.

streets of india

Instagram: @streetsofindia

One fashion solution you wish you’d invented (or want to invent). 

(both) A convertible shirt that can be transformed into a bandhgala as per your preferences. So that it reduces evening wear woes for men.

The artist whose work you find most inspiring and why?

SM: Since we as designers have always been inspired by structure and architecture, Jean Louis Deniot is one artist whose work I really follow. His contemporary spaces always have a weighty dose of history and references infused into it to produce a timeless yet modern scenario. 

jean louis deniot inc 01

Jean Louis Deniot design

NM: Vincent Castiglia, he’s a Japanese artist who curates his artwork using his own blood. His artwork is dissolving the barrier between art and artist and he connects with this work on a very intimate level. 

vincent castigila

Instagram: @vincentcastigila

The most fashionable destination in the world…

We think Japan is an upcoming fashion destination in general, because they syndicate bold concepts from an unexpected array of sources. Also, Rome for men, in particular.

japan street style

What’s on your playlist when you’re working?

SM: A mix of Drake, Chainsmokers & Twenty-One Pilots.


Instagram: @champagnepapi

NM: Jitter by Grace Mitchell

grace mitchell

Instagram: @gracemitchell

The fashion myth you’re happy to have busted.

That drapes are only meant for women! Introducing elements of drapery in menswear was something we always wanted to accomplish and we couldn’t be happier to have brought about this change.