Indian heritage with a millennial spin—Shantanu & Nikhil give us a peek into their striking new collection

Sometimes, inspiration arises from a vivid sense of structure, other times with a passing sense of colour. Designers Shantanu and Nikhil are creators truly operating from emotion and inspiration. If you’re familiar with their body of work, you know it unmissably translates to their signature powerful silhouettes. This season, with their Autumn/Winter ’19 couture collection, Raj-Kumari, they look at ancient folklore through a poetic lens, and showcase their ceremonial design sensibilities through couture. Here, the Delhi-based designer duo take us behind the thought and creative process for their latest offering. 

The collection takes inspiration from Indian’s rich cultural heritage while keeping in mind the functionality needed in today’s day and age. “We have given this concept a new-age spin, syncing it with our vision for millennial India, striving to embrace tradition through a contemporary and modern interpretation,” said Shantanu and Nikhil. Featuring voluminous ball gowns, intricately designed lehengas and anarkali gowns to menswear, in a variety of rich silk, brocades and organza.

The collection steers away from the designer’s signature dark hues and establishes ground in lighter colour tones this season. “Raj-Kumari is a portrayal of the juxtaposition that today’s millennials are, where they are as playful and spontaneous as they are articulate and composed, and as feminine and graceful as they are bold and confident. They don’t shy away from voicing their beliefs and if need be, fight for it. The ensembles are a representation of the soul of India with a contemporary fusion of electric, radiant and vibrant hues,” said the design mavericks.

Audrey Classic Necklace
Kallista Earrings
Cleo Hexagonal Bangle

“The collection is a celebration of free spirit and thought. It is for those who strive for individuality and authenticity, breaking the myriad stereotypical beliefs of tradition and fashion with comfort and style,” say Shantanu and Nikhil.

 The duo’s designs are unorthodox but rooted in tradition; it’s unlikely you will see anything resembling their work on the line-up, this season or otherwise. 

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