#ELLEexclusive: Alaya F turns muse for Shehla Khan in her new couture collection

The latest bridal couture collection by Shehla Khan is a blend of drama, glamour and ’90s metal grunge. Titled The Beautiful Fall, the collection features Bollywood newbie Alaya F as a muse and Khan’s signature lightweight lehengas. Along with lace, chanderi silk and hues of blacks, whites, magentas, soft lilacs, the collection is versatile, timeless and the right addition to every millennial’s wardrobe.

We reached out to Shehla Khan and Alaya F to know more about the collection and everything in between. Here’s what they had to say:


ELLE: Tell us a little more about your new collection.

SHEHLA KHAN: This collection celebrates women and glamour. Given the pandemic we are still facing and the circumstances and the onset of the festive and wedding season, I have created this collection for women to be able to celebrate themselves without looking ornamented from head to toe.

ELLE: Who is the ideal Shehla Khan girl? Tell us about the audience this collection is meant for.

SK: The ideal Shehla Khan woman is of any age, from a girl still exploring her youth to a mature woman having her daughter marry. The woman who buys a Shehla Khan outfit wears it forever and can pass it over generations. She can also recycle the outfit to sustain it for any occasion from a wedding, party to the red carpet.

Shehla Khan 1

ELLE: What do you think are the millennial brides on the lookout for today in terms of their wedding trousseau?

SK: Given the circumstances and having cut down the extent and number of celebratory events, it’s not that brides are shying away from dressing up for their big day. However, a huge factor that should be considered when investing in their wedding outfit is durability and sustainability.

ELLE: What do you think will be the future fashion trends post-pandemic?

SK: Bolder silhouettes, lesser embroidery, durability, recycling garments and classic sartorial styles will prevail.

ELLE: How do you generate ideas for your projects? What kind of visual or sensory references do you typically seek out for inspiration?  

SK: It could be anything from a place I’ve visited to a painting I’ve come across and even a film I’ve watched. I love to experience beauty in everything and derive inspiration from the smallest of things like photographs.

Shehla Khan 2

ELLE: What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

SK: Our new take on lehengas is my favourite aspect of the collection.


ELLE: What’s your favourite piece from this collection?

ALAYA F: My favourite piece is the bright pink lehenga with the lace top, it’s so young and fresh. It’s bright and bold and still so classic and elegant.

ELLE: Describe your dream wedding dress for us.

AF: Pastel colours with a lot of delicate, beautiful details.

ELLE: What has your quarantine style been like? 

AF: I’ve made it a point to not laze around in my pyjamas through this lockdown. So my go to uniform has been a pair of denim shorts with a white T-shirt. It’s simple, classic and always looks great.

ELLE: What beauty regimen have you been following lately?

AF: I’ve been taking a lot of care of my skin and body by being patient and nurturing it with good sleep, balanced diet and an easy but consistent workout routine, as compared to my normal extreme diets and high intensity workouts. I’ve learned that patience and kindness with your body and skin is the most important and it reflects in every part of your beauty.

ELLE: If you had to describe 2020 in one word, what would it be? 

AF: Growth.

ELLE: All this time during the lockdown has given us a chance to reflect on ourselves. What have you learned about yourself this year? 

AF: I enjoy my company more than I realised I do. Now I really look forward to just chilling by my myself at the end of the day. I feel so much at peace with the comfort I can offer myself now.

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