Shivan & Narresh will now design your entire wedding Advertisement

Shivan & Narresh will now design your entire wedding

The designer duo launch their celebration design venture

By ELLE team  February 10th, 2017

The resort wear label Shivan & Narresh has long been India’s favourite choice for destination weddings. And while outfitting the bride and her entourage for the pre-wedding pool party remains its core competency, the label has just announced it is venturing into ‘celebration design’. Which essentially means Shivan & Narresh will take the stressful task of worrying about invites, table decor and party favours off your pretty little head.

After fielding multiple requests from clients to extend their specific sensibilities beyond the wedding trousseau, designers Shivan Bhatia and Narresh Kukreja realised the marriage market had a lucrative niche that was just waiting to be tapped. “Most of our brides would complain about how the only options in the market were either over-the-top or looked like replicas of each other,” says Kukreja. “There was nothing that offered a modern, minimalist design language.”

Their first official event was the engagement ceremony for the Sapras, a prominent Delhi business family. The designers constructed a green maze at the family’s Delhi farmhouse, which guests walked through to find their way to the wedding oasis in the centre.

“Surprising people is the most elemental emotion behind our entire business,” Kukreja adds. “There’s so much money that gets spent at weddings. We want to treat the senses; make the wedding guests feel lost, excited, transported to another place. That’s a better experience than pretty flowers and good food that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing.”

Inside the Shivan & Narresh celebration experience

The Shivan & Narresh colour scheme and love for abstract prints is instantly recognisable in the wedding decor.  

"We love to play with the guests' senses, treat them to something more memorable that good food and pretty flowers," says Narresh Kukreja.    

The guests were made to walk through a specially constructed maze before they arrived at the wedding oasis in the centre.  

The bridal couple in Shivan & Narresh