Shloka Mehta — Akash Ambani's bride-to-be — is refreshingly simple for a billionaire heiress Advertisement

Shloka Mehta — Akash Ambani’s bride-to-be — is refreshingly simple for a billionaire heiress

For the daughter of a diamond tycoon, there's nothing blingy about her

By ELLE team  March 26th, 2018

When the world found out that Shloka Mehta of the Rosy Blue diamond empire was marrying Akash Ambani, scion to the largest private fortune in the country, it breathlessly predicted the biggest, flashiest wedding of the year. And if you’ve ever seen Antilia, the 27-floor, 2 billion dollar skyscraper with three helipads and a staff of 600 people that the Ambanis call home, you’ll know why. As stereotypes go, the words ‘billionaire diamond heiress’ do conjure up images of a flashy jet-setter dripping with enough jewels to fuel a small country’s economy. But so far, Shloka has proven her style to be refreshingly simple. 

Shloka mehta AMbani family

Akash Ambani, Shloka Mehta, Nita Ambani and Isha Ambani

The youngest daughter of Rosy Blue founder Russel Mehta was seen last night at the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai with her inlaws-to-be, wearing a simple yellow sharara with gold leheriya detailing. With the exception of a pair of earrings and her engagement ring, Shloka was fresh-faced and bereft of any flashy baubles. Photos of her Goa engagement that took place over the weekend confirmed that this was not a one-off.

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Dressed in a silver-grey tiered dress with tastefully minimal diamond jewellery, Akash Ambani’s childhood friend-turned-fiancee let her personality shine through. 

Call it peer pressure, but Shloka’s newfound proximity to the Bollywood glam gang has her rubbed off on her, ever so slightly. Her most recent appearance was at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding to Anand Ahuja, where the diamond heiress decided to pull out some of the family jewels to go with her Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla couture lehenga. What do you think of her new aesthetic?

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